Monday, June 06, 2005

Senate Could Vote On Clean Elections This Evening

Looks like a vote in the Senate on Clean Elections may go down tonight. Please call your Senator and House member and let them know that you support Clean Elections for Connecticut and so should they!

Here are the contact numbers:

Senate Democrats
(860) 240-8600 or (800) 842-1420
Senate Republicans
(860) 240-8800 or (800) 842-1421
House Democrats
(860) 240-8585 or (800) 842-8267
House Republicans
(860) 240-8787 or (800) 842-8270

To figure out who your Senator and Representative are click here. You'll need your zip+4. Go to to figure out your zip+4.)

Don't forget to post your Senator's and Representative's response here.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Track Where Your Senator & Representative Stand On Clean Elections

Contact your Connecticut state Senator and Representative right now and tell them you support Clean Elections for all races. Ask them if they share your support for Clean Elections for all races (which is what Governor Rell and House Speaker Amann came out in favor of on June 2).

When you get an answer post your comments here and we will track who's with us and who's not. Contact your elected officials between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM at the numbers below:

For Senate Democrats call 800-842-1420 or 860-240-8600
For House Democrats call 800-842-8267 or 860-240-8585

For Senate Republicans call 800-842-1421 or 860-240-8800
For House Republicans call 800-842-1423 or 860-240-8700

In your comments please include:

  • Your Senator's and Representative's name
  • If they support Clean Elections for all state races or not